Men of Honor

Album: Men Of Honor (2014)


  • The title of Adrenaline Mob's second album was suggested by guitarist Mike Orlando's father. "We were thinking about names for the record, and he said 'Why don't you guys call it 'Uomini D'Onore' [translation: 'Men of Honor']?' I knew that was it. We're tight like brothers," Orlando said. "This is a musical gang. The message is to stand strong with Adrenaline Mob. Regardless of what's changed, we are men of honor, and we will honor this entity until we die."

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  • Les Thomas from South CarolinaMike Orlando, the driving force behind the band. Russ Allen NEVER failed to deliver true showmanship at EVERY live show.
    On Men of Honor, the tour bus flipped when the trailer dipped off the road. Next tour- Aptly named as if it were a curse as the band lost AJ Pero to a sudden heart attack.
    Saying "goodbye" to AJ Pero I saw them twice the week after AJ passed. His picture sat in front of the skull crest designed by AJ for this kit.
    Tragiclly, the next tour would be short lived and end with a horrific incident. A semi tractor trailer veered off the road and hit the tour bus. New bassist David Zadliboski was suddenly and tour manager "Jane Train" Janet Rains passed away close to a month of fighting the 3rd degree burns over 80% of her body.
    After months of healing, Mike Orlando set sail on the Axes & Anchor cruise. It was here he met and formed Stereo Satellite. After 6-8 months Mike walked away to pursue both Sonic Stomp III as well as working on an old project " A Beautiful Diaster" Russ went on and back to singing with TSO. Drumme Jordan Cannata is still slinging the sticks for Stereo. Jason Cannata took over on guitar and Disturbed bassist John Moyer is still with the band. It broke my heart to hear of the accident and, also dissolving the band.
    In my heart..Long Live AMOB!
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