Album: Adrenaline Mob (2011)


  • Adrenaline Mob is a band formed by drummer Mike Portnoy after his departure from Dream Theater in early 2011. The other members that make up the quintet are Symphony X frontman Russell Allen, guitarist Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp), bassist Paul DiLeo and Stuck Mojo/Fozzy axeman Rich Ward. This is a track from their self-titled and self-produced debut EP, which was released on August 9, 2011.
  • The song started off as something Orlando tracked a number of years prior to the formation of Adrenaline Mob. He told AntiMusic the story of the song: "Our usual method of me bringing the recorded tracks over to Russells Chanty Shack and gettin to work on lyrics and melodies with Russ was again the norm here.. Though on a break I added the release of the song where MP sings over & the section before the solo as a direct inspiration from Portnoy's incredible playing style and saying to myself, this will be perfect for Mike and myself to really lean into this section and sync up together."
  • After the basic song was arranged Allen and Orlando worked on its lyrics and melodies. Orlando explained to AntiMusic: "The title was already there and was something I had from way back when.. It was inspired by the movie American Pyscho actually where the main character seemed at times so sane and in control but then would just cut someone to pieces. Russ and I then turned it more to the musical factor of it cutting you to the core with the power of the song."


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