Love In An Elevator

Album: Pump (1989)
Charted: 13 5


  • This is a song about love, elevators, and the combination thereof. Lyrically, Aerosmith has some songs with a deeper meaning, but many of their songs have fun lyrics set to tracks that show off their musicianship.

    They also have plenty of experiences to draw from that make great fodder for stories and songs. As Steven Tyler tells it, this one was inspired by one of his pre-sobriety days when he found himself in a hotel hot tub with a bevy of women. When they moved the party to his room, they piled into the hotel elevator wearing nothing but towels and bathrobes. One of the ladies decided to have some fun and push all the buttons in the elevator, which brought it down to the lobby. When one of the girls opened her robe to show Tyler her goods, the elevator doors opened, giving the crowded lobby a look.
  • Steven Tyler wrote this song with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Musically, it was a fusion of different ideas they came up with at a jam session - Buddy Miles was an influence.

    Tyler came up with the lyrics, but was concerned that the title was too juvenile. Perry pointed out that they already had a song called "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" which worked out very well for them, so they went with "Love In An Elevator."
  • All five members of Aerosmith sing the last chorus a capella; in live performances, they all sing into the same microphone. >>
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    Andy - Arlington
  • In Disney World in Orlando, Florida, this song is played in some cars on the Rock N' Rollercoaster with the lyrics altered to "Love In A Rollercoaster." Riders join a virtual Aerosmith on a trip to "The Forum." >>
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    Caitlin - Upper Township, NJ

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  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenWhen it came to lyrics, Tyler was always such a cunning linguist.
  • Kieran from Brisbane, AustraliaI remember this being the theme tune to Raw Power back in the day.
  • Bob from Hartford Ct, CtSteven tyler actually lived in an elevator the summer he wrote this song and it is based on soem of hte events that occured during his stay there
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtI believe it's about oral sex in general..."livin' it up when I'm going down".
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniathis is the song they played when Steven Tyler fell off the stage in '09 and had 2 be air lifted outta there! lol
  • Pat from St. Paul, MnAmazing guitar solo by Joe Perry on this song.
  • Austin from Bristow, VaThe most addictive Aerosmith song and my favorite at the time. This band freaking rocks.
  • Marissa from Akron, OhIt's obvious that no one listens to the original version of this song from "Pump" with the spoken intro. I say it's obvious because I was with my friend in the elevator at his dorm and it stopped on the second floor and I said "Second floor, hardware, children's wear, ladies' lingerie," and no one got it. :(
  • Katie from Tulsa, OkThis song is actually one of my favorites because it what got me hooked on Aerosmith! I heard the Little South of Sanity version adn fell in love.
  • Tony from Toledo, OhWhen I was 16 in 1976, and I would go out with a girl at the shopping mall. We would steal away in a empty department store elevatorlike Penneys of some place like that. And we would make out passionately when no one was there. Of course, you can only do so much in an empty elevator! I used to wonder maybe some girl I dated in high school later went out with someone from Arrowsmith-you never know! Fun song! Brings back some old high school memories!
  • Chitra from Bangaloreis it about a blow job in an elevator?
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaLove In An Elevator is based on a true event; Steven Tyler actually had sex with a woman in an elevator.
    -Travis (a friend of Sam's)-
  • Larry from Knoxville, TnThis is my favorite Aerosmith song!
  • Derek from Sarnia, CanadaAerosmith is a great band...but this song is complete garbage...only early Aerosmith is worth listening to
  • Frank from Pearl City, HiI love Aerosmith!!!!
  • Spencer from Mcbride, Canadaaerosmith rocks...can sombody add taste of india to the list?
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