by AFI

Album: Decemberunderground (2006)
  • The lyrics, "The future's bright without me" and "Were you holding hands when my wrists bled" indicate that the song is about a guy who kills himself over a girl. >>
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    Alex - Rock Hill, SC

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  • Joclyn from Lovelock, NvI love this song and you know your right Harry thats one reason i love AFI i love guessing what its about or putting in my own meaning based oh how it fits my life...
  • Luka from Sydney, Australiasome people cut their palms instead of their wrists you know.
    its easier to hide and safer if youre not trying to kill yourself.
    and not everyone that cuts is trying to kill themself. most arent.
  • Jake from Kokomo, InAs most AFI songs it is about the 'narrator' suicide
  • Ese Dyce from Crazy Azz Dena (626), Cathis is the song i cut myself to i makes me think about my life and my three brand new cars and my xbox 360 wii and ps3 and how my parents love me and i hate them for it i hate my life because my girlfriend left me for my alter ego so i cut myself while mastebating to to the blood running from my wrists after i cut myself i hate being loved i hate myself i love my wrists bleeding because it make me feel dead i hate my three lexus' and i hate always having food and i hate having money and living in a mansion T_T
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaErm. Wtf? that is your interpretation. There is also the line "as my palms bleed" which indicates biblical reference. Also it doesnt have to be a guy over a girl. could be he/she over he/she.

    Interpreting AFI lyrics are so hard, Davey never gives clues to what the songs are about and the lyrics are quite cryptic.
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