Girl's Not Grey
by AFI

Album: Sing The Sorrow (2003)
Charted: 22


  • The first single off Sing The Sorrow, "Girl's Not Grey" seems to be about dealing with the feeling of personal loss and sorrow. The song is wide open for interpretation though, as frontman/lyricist Davey Havok doesn't discuss its meaning.
  • The title doesn't show up in the lyrics; the hook line is "what follows..." which is sung by the whole band.
  • The line in the first verse, "This art does drown," is a reference to AFI's previous album, The Art of Drowning, released in 2000.
  • Sing The Sorrow was produced by Jerry Finn and Butch Vig. Finn had worked with blink-182 and Green Day; Vig had worked with Nirvana. Together, they helped AFI achieve a post-punk sound that proved very successful.
  • The video, which is both industrial and surreal, got a lot of airplay on MTV2, the more adventurous network of the MTV family. The clip was directed by David Slade, who later directed the "Metalhead" episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror. It won the MTV2 Award at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

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  • Devil Child from Arvada Colorado I think it has to due with depression medication and how it makes things worse. The Surreal dream state is a catatonic state amplified but the drugs.
  • Sir from Burtonsville, MdChia, examination & interpretation of music, is PART of enjoying the music...thats why its called
  • Chia from Juneau, Wii agree with justin from denver, why analyze a song? it just ruins the whole perspective on it, ESPECIALLY if you share it, then people tend to get more into "what the singers trying to say" rather than enjoying the music
  • Justin from Denver, Cook first off. i think most of you are over-analyzing the whole thing. Davey of course writes these lyrics from heart, about himself and his personal experiences etc. they indeed could mean many things based on YOUR interpretation. Davey has not explained what they actually mean, obviously for a reason. take what the lyrics and music make YOU FEEL and leave it at that. his intentions go far further from what you guys are actually perceiving them to be. listen a little closer. FEEL IT. and it will make a little more sense to you.
  • Ben from Skokie, IlWell Davey wouldn't really help us out with the meaning of ANY songs he has written. At one point Davey really was into a song (I forgot which) and he thought he had the meaning figured out. The the band came out and told the meaning, very different from what Davey interpreted it to be. As of then AFI have been hush-hush about their song meanings, leaving it for us,the fans, to believe what these songs are about and make that connection between AFI's songs and our lives. In my opinion, i would like to see more bands like this because this proves that AFI treats its fans with respect
  • Jacob from Fresno, CaListen to Sing the Sorrow in backwards order, starting with the secret track on "But Home is Nowhere" or "Synesthesia" if you'd like, however, I guess I kinda got the idea for it from how The Leaving Song and The Leaving Song pt 2 are placed. If you like to look to a story, you can see a very well described story in that order... but, STS is a great album because people can take it many many many different ways depending on their own point of view on life and what not.

    Girls Not Grey is a great song and I love every second of it.
  • Cheyne from Philadelphia, Pahmm.. don't even get me started on what I think Miss Murder's about. I wrote a song interpretation for that one too. Not exactly logical or well thought out but hey I try.
  • Cheyne from Philadelphia, PaDamn!!! well said Stephanie I couldn't have said it better myself. You think their songs are about one thing then you see their songs in a diff.perspective I think thats the great thing about AFI. Their music is like poetry! It has so many meanings the list is endless about what this song is about.
  • Stephanie from Cleveland, OhSo, now that we've established that AFI stand for "A Fire Inside" and that the majority of people commenting must be newer fans, I'd just like to say that AFI's complex lyrics might not be exactly what you think they are. I know you all think that you have it all figured out, but truly most of the meanings posted on here, are likely incorrect. Maybe someone should get a hold of Davey?..
  • Anguish from Tustin, Cathe whole thing with the rabbits is followed through on decemberunderground, with the rabbit logo or whatever. there's supposedly a hidden track with the name "rabbits are roadkill on rt 37". hellz yah. my favorite song. i get my music from some russian website lol so idk about liner notes and whatnot. also rabbits are historically known as a symbol of death, which also relaes to the rabbit in "clandestine", the film kelsee was talking about earlier. in girl's not grey, "i lay me down tonight, much frther down" could have something to do with him being buried.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, Flto harry from australia, are you saying that kelsee was wrong about the whole reincarnation thing?
  • Harry from Adelaide, Australiabtw thanks for "the Nephilim 37" on the despair faction message boards for that one
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaWe will start off with-
    Miseria Cantare (The Beginning):
    Don't really have much on this one.I feel this is "the beginning of the end" so to speak. I think it describes davey's call for help, for fusion with people like him to find a way out of this place he had come into. I know your kindof puzzeled as to what im getting at, but you'll see once i discuss the nextsongs.
    The Leaving Song Pt. 2 :
    I will skip this one for now, because this was really meant for after the leaving song. so onward to..

    Bleed Black :
    in the beginning describes how this world is full of deciet and hatred. Then shows a sign of davey possibly looking for "another world" to get out of this misery one. He hopes to find a place where he can be rid of the memories of this one."I am destroyed by the inside, I disassociate
    I hope to destroy the outside, it will alleviate and elevate me"
    then he describes the suffering in the world that is, "I'm hovering throughout time, I crumble in these days
    I crumble, I cannot, I cannot find reflection in these days", and so on. It also tells that if he stays in this world he will most likely cease to live.

    Silver And Cold :
    is basically self-explanatory due to the video.
    you see it shows what he would do to get out of this world, which is of course expressed in the video as suicide. However, in the lyrics it states "I... I came here by day, but I left here in darkness
    And found you, found you on the way" meaning he has found someone, that could maybe possibly help him, which is possibly why at the end of the video, he decides not to kill himself.

    Dancing Through Sunday:
    clearly is asking for this someones help to get out of this horrid place. it also describes that this mission for a better place me be impossible."Will you join me in this dance, this dance of misery
    Cradled in imposs... impossibility?" and then further, the reply of this someone is of course yes because, "Oh, we dance in misery" meaning this mission will be full of sorrow. then comes the sinker, the conenction between this song and girls not grey."Swept off our feet by our misery, we're swept into the shadows" meaning that they both did find another place to be inseclusion, without hate...the gng world, jade's crotch if you will.

    Girl's Not Grey:
    describes the journey to this place and also describes what it is."(What follows) has lead me to this placewhere I belong, with all erased" meaning he has finally found another world where he may be without the violence and disguist place where he once lived. then this line "What follows will swallow whole" predicts the coming misery that will foloow, as told in the next songs.

    Death Of Season :
    describes that he is now stuck in this jade crotch world (as seen in the gng video) because there is so much hatred in the world where he had lived and came from, "Of late, it's harder just to go outsideTo leave this deadspace with hatred, so alive" and so on.( during this, his partner he found during silver and cold is in daveys old world trying to "fix" it as promised to davey by him). from this new world he watches as his old world is being filled with so much disenchantment and darkness, "I watch the stars as they fall from the skyI held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying"
    meaning he was indeed watching and somehow a piece of sorrow( a star) had come into his new world, dying all around him ( encircling aka misery) which has found him, traced him to this new world. followed him...

    The Great Disappointment:
    this describes daveys disappoinment to find that his partner had been decieving him thinking he would fix daveys old world. instead he filled it with more sorrow and disbelief, " Inside a crumbling effigy
    But you promised So dies all innocence But you promised me".
    It also describes in the beginning that it was once a beautiful place now writhing with sickness. also it describes how his promise from daveys partner decieved him with lies, and also the wait of daveys partner to fix his old world which he never did because he had been filling it with hate and ickness instead."While I waited I was wasting away
    Hope was wasting away Faith was wasting away I was wasting away" which show his long wait and that he waited so long that h was slowly drifting into pieces.

    Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings):
    this shows that daveys partner had indeed betrayed him and he had become "forever unknown".it also states that davey is still in his new world, safe for now and also that hes watched his old world get wasted and burned out."From above a rain of ashes descends Anathema I will remain, forever will remain From below, in my seclusion,Look up to the sky to see paper wings and watch them burn". that rougly draws this song up.

    This Celluloid Dream:
    i belive is describing his dream, stated in the great disappointment. this song shows the place where davey can go to find happyness. "Calling tears from deep inside, oh, you're so exquisite And in the mirror, all midnight eyes
    Oh, if I could remain, but it's just a visitAll midnight eyes read 'vacancy'Twisted, twisting" but alas. he knows it is only a dream, and dreams only last a certain amount. there would be a time where he would have to sadly, wake up."All the colours upon leaving, all will turn to grey"

    The Leaving Song :
    is the clincher. it tells of sorrow, finding davey in his new world of seclusion. he hadnt notice that it was coming."It's hard to notice gleaming from the sky
    When you're staring at the cracks It's hard to notice what is passing by with eyes lowered" then it tells of disbelief, as it describes of the cracks of misery, and how they will always foloow and lead right to him."All the cracks they lead right to me And all the cracks will crawl right through me
    All the cracks, they lead right to me And all the cracks will crawl right through me, and I fell apart". it also tells of his disbelief in his friend that had distrusted davey and that he will never change his horrid ways."'Poison hearts will never change, walk away again'
    Turned away in disgrace Felt the chill upon my face cooling from within".
    and that basically sums this up. back to..

    The leaving song pt. II :
    This describes that now he can't trust anyone, that he is alone now, and that he is left with nothing but sorrow inside him now that you wont find anything worthy enough to save inside of him,"Don't waste your touch, you won't feel anything Or were you sent to save me? I've thought too much, you won't find anything...Worthy of redeeming" it also describes daveys travel back to his old world, because now his new world is filled with even more darkness."Y regreso aquÃ? otra vez y comienzo" meaning that he has come to his old world again and started to "break down and cease all feeling" of what once was inside of him. it also states that he watched these worlds come to life and now be cursed with all this darkness and sadness."I saw its birth, I watched it grow I felt it change me I took the life, I ate it slow Now it consumes me". this song also means that we was left, no where to go, stuck in between these places, forever lost.

    ...But Home Is Nowhere :
    also self-explanatory now after my dissection of all the others. he now has no place to go, he has found that he is no living in nothing (but home is nowhere) this song describes his whole life, saying that he has always been in misery and sorrow," still speaking in these toungues while understood by no one". "When the director sold the show, who bought its last rites?
    They cut the cast, the music, and the lights" referring to his partner that had promised to "help" davey but then later on betrays him, inflicting his old world with distrought and darkness."When the new actor stole the show, who questioned his grace? Please clear the house of ill-aquired taste." it also means that davey didnt questioned his motive which in the end left davey alone, whithering away. in the end, davey still was searching for something better, "Give me something, give me something real". however he finds that sadly he can never find something more than just misery and sorrow, "I lay strewn across the floor, can't solve this puzzle Everyday another small piece can't be found I lay strewn across the floor, pieced up in sorrow The pieces are lost, these pieces don't fit Pieced together incomplete and empty". after all this searching and to only find more darkness and despair, he now remains alone in this plae, somewhere beyond, made of nothing ness, forever trapped by himself..."This is my line, this is eternal How did I end up here?
    Discarnate, preternatural My prayers to disappear
    Absent of grace, marked as infernal Ungranted in dead time left me disowned
    To this nature, so unnatural ,I remain alone"
    This Time Imperfect:
    juse briefly tells of the sorrow that he still has, being trapped in this place of nothingness, and displays words at the end of the song pointing to his partner leading him to all this sorrow,"Just how much this hurts me Just how much you...". it also is telling how davey is trying to explain to us all this, that this will forever be him,"I'd share with you, could I only speak, just how much this hurts me". he cannot leave this nothingness place of the empty and forgotten, and that no one will come to make him real once again, "no one will appear here and make me real". he is also trying to make the best of his situation, but sadly "There are no flowers, no, not this time
    There will be no angels gracing the lines, just these stark words I find
    I'd show a smile but I'm too weak"....
  • Brett from Birmingham, AlGood song. But hmmm or whatever you're name is why the hell are you looking up this song if you think it's gay? Are you just trying to overcome you're uneasyness about emos being better than a scumbag like you?
  • Lorea from Tawas City, MiDude... Some of you people have no clue do you? Singing about suicide and depressing stuff like that is just a way to release those feelings... Get over yourselves and listen to the music without being critical.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaAFI is so cool! I think this song is awesome! Their real name is A Fire Inside.
  • Jonathan from Bradford, Ma if you want a little bit more about the theories behind the album Sing the Sorrow. It looks like kelsee mentioned a good portion of it, but the link will explain the rest.
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaAFI is tonnes good, also with the thing with astrology, i have been listening to Sing the Sorrow a fair bit since i read that (awesome songs) and i reckon that either Miseria Cantare and Leaving Song Part2 are the part between the two lives, rabbit and whatever came before and Bleed Black is about being born which still makes sense with the Breathing at the begining, OR miseria Cantare and Leaving Song part2 are meant to be at the end like kelsee said.
    Also, coincedentaly my mum is born on the 336th day of the year and my dog on the 337th...
  • Sloth from London, United Statesanother interesting thing is that the new song is called 'rabbits are roadkill on route 37' kinda relating back to what kelsee was sayin
  • Ryan from Dublin, Gawell i have a question. If you look at the artwork for "death of seasons", it's a bouquet of flowers with women's faces in them... what does that mean and how does it tie into the whole story???
  • Erik from Los Angeles, Cayou know i just want to know how kelsee came up with all of that info. simply amazing.
  • Josh from Stillwater, OkQoute: (The Line "This art does drown" is saying that this cd is going better than the cd before this "The Art Of Drowning")
    Actually, it seems that, that line symbolizes both death and ressurection in one statement. so maybe he was hinting at the fact that this whole album was a big circle of life and ressurection. Dunno.
  • Kelsee from Lehi, Utso with the whole theme of the cd being about how davey is a rabbit and he can not be reincarnated it makes it interesting to me to see all the rabbits in the video. does anyone know what they represnet?
  • Jon from Miami, Txwhat the hell is the title of this song supposed to mean??
  • Jim from Sayville, NyThe Line "This art does drown" is saying that this cd is going better than the cd before this "The Art Of Drowning"
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txafi rocks and there songs rock harder.. and they ar eamazing. <3
  • Jenn from Cleveland, OhAFI stands for A Fire Inside.
  • Sarah from Quito, South Americahave any of you guys seen the music video for this? its pretty sweet, its the main reason why i even got this song. i saw the video and then was like "hey thats a cool song" so yeah. it's got good memories
  • Kelcie from Mesa, AzAFI RAWKS! Especially the singer, Davy Havicky. I finally got his cd Sing The Sorrow on my birthday, and I haven't stopped listening to it since!
  • Alex from Berwyn, United StatesThere is also some speculation that this is a song about suicide.
  • Linkin Park Psycho from Fire Realm (fairy World)i love this song very much.
  • Chris from Augusta, HiI looked for this song for six months before I figured out what it was called
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