Snow Cats
by AFI

Album: AFI (The Blood Album) (2016)


  • Directed by Drew Kirsch ("Lean" by O'Donis), the video shows lead singer Davey Havok's head floating in space, singing the track, while the band whirls by playing their respective instruments. Havok told Pitchfork that the clip is meant to show a cyclical struggle.

    "Expanding endlessly from an empty room, the 'Snow Cats' video animates a cyclical struggle with the surreal colors of applied persona and identity," he said.
  • Guitarist Jade Puget expanded on the visual during an interview with Artist Direct:

    "It's a very odd video, like nothing we've ever done. We read the treatment and it was just like "Let's just try this, it sounds crazy!" A video like that, you can't really know what it's going to look like until you see it, because obviously there's a lot of video effects on it.

    But people see it, my wife saw it and she was laughing at it, and I was like 'You're laughing, I don't know if that's the right response to this!' But she was laughing in a good way. It's funny, it's funny in a way - it intentionally slash unintentionally funny where we're just outrageous and silly."
  • At one point, Puget is walking down a sort of space path as he plays his guitar solo. "Yeah - there's a Thor kind of vibe there," he said. "The original idea was to have me playing a white guitar - a glowing guitar - and it looked like Guitar Hero, I thought 'No! - I can't be playing that, walking around' So, luckily that didn't end up in the final product."
  • This was released as the first single from AFI, which is also referred to as The Blood Album. "Originally, we wanted just have it self-titled because it's been 10 records and AFI has never had a self-titled record," Puget explained to Alternative Press. "But because the album artwork has these three blood drops on the front, we just started calling it The Blood Album. So people started thinking it was the actual title, and because we didn't want to confuse anyone, we made it official."


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