Last Sunrise

Album: Nightmare Anatomy (2005)


  • This song is about something that happens to you that takes everything over. It can be different for each person, like drugs or money. >>
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    Melissa - Toledo, OH

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  • Nick from Kingsport, Vai was looking up anne rice and it said aidens song the last sunrise was inspired by interview with the vampire
  • Angela from Cartersville, Gai love this song. its really too bad alot of peoppe dont know yuo thats why every one i know i get them to listen to your music and i am very sucsessful.
  • Jeff from Cheektowaga, NyWell I actually talked to wiL about this song and he told me this is about drug abuse and breaking the habit of using them. The chorus is about pushing through the pain and fighting for the chance to get by. The verses are about realizing that you have the problems and then the pain or anguish you go through while getting off of the addiction! Thanks!
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tnthe song was made for the underworld: evalioun yeah they did the
    video like queen orthe damned but the song wasn't wrote for it. i love aiden's old stuff their new stuff isn't that great
  • Jepha from Gulla Gulla Island, Finlandthe song is about queen of the damned.
  • Kayla from Pikeville, KywiL Francis believed he was a vampire, so alot of their songs were about that idea...but he's hot, the band is good, the music is awesome, so whatever...
  • Mara from Las Vegas, Nv"....he purges his psychic pain in graphic lyrics about murder ("Knife Blood Nightmare", "The Last Sunrise")..." ("he" being wiL Francis, Aiden's lead singer) May 2006, Revolver Magazine, Bulletin Profiles.

    Revolver interviewed Aiden frontman wiL Francis, and he revealed his lyrics are about his past: living on the streets, the deaths of many of his friends, and an addiction to heroine. He says he writes what he knows, the things he hasn't "'been able to talk about with a psychologist.'"

    So in actuality, this song is about murder, not something that takes you over. It's evident in the lyrics themselves:
    "My body dies, but still my soul remains eternally in search of Caspian waves and shallow graves. Explain, why me?"
    "Now's the time to take my chance with death and realize..."
    "Here comes the sun to rid this world of see-through blood and swollen light."
    -All lyrics taken directly from the "Nightmare Anatomy" cd jacket, Copywrite Aiden 2005.

    Just thought I'd let you all know...
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI really like this song. Aiden is a really good band and I wish more people knew about them. I really like how they took this video off of the Queen of the Damned club scene.
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