3 O'Clock Things
by AJR

Album: OK Orchestra (2021)
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  • This song finds AJR dipping their toes into contemporary issues and politics. Vocalist Jack Metzger discusses education, target advertising, the US electoral system, and racism. He also reflects on social anxiety and the pressures of fitting in as he wonders whether he should talk about such topics with his friends.

    AJR issued a statement that said: "We wrote the most political song on the album, '3 O'Clock Things,' about the predicament of, 'Should I even write a political song? Should I even discuss politics with my friends? Is it worth it?' Then we ended up talking about racism."
  • The band set the song at 3 o'clock in the morning during which they debate with tired eyes whether to do a political track. 3 a.m. and the number 3 has been a reoccurring topic in many AJR tunes in the past, including The Click track "Three-Thirty" and a reference to the time in the OK Orchestra song "Way Less Sad."

    Well, I can't fall asleep and I'm losin' my mind
    'Cause it's half-past three and my brain's on fire
  • Jack Met co-directed the video with the band's regular visual collaborator, Edoardo Ranaboldo. The clip parodies some of AJR's past videos, including the ones for "Dear Winter," "My Play," "Sober Up," "I'm Not Famous," and "Come Hang Out."

    AJR's lighting designer, Ezra Donellan, portrays Jack Met while Zach Sang of the Zach Sang Show makes a cameo.


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