Breakin' Away

Album: Breakin' Away (1981)
Charted: 43
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  • Jarreau wrote this song with Tom Canning and Jay Graydon. Canning is a keyboard player who wrote and produced tracks for Jarreau's first seven albums. Graydon is an architect of the West Coast melodic Pop sound, writing and producing tracks like "After The Love Has Gone" and "Turn Your Love Around." Graydon worked on many of Jarreau's hits, but isn't a fan of his lyrics. Says Graydon: "We'd write a song, a love song or whatever. Now comes the big payoff, where the guy or the girl should be telling the other guy 'Get out. It's over. Go away.' Instead he starts talking about flowers and things. When it's time for the big payoff everything turns into candy. It's like in 'Breakin' Away': 'Show me some climbing boots, show me some parachutes,' what are you talking about?" (read more in our interview with Jay Graydon)
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