Album: Just Like You (2009)
  • This song was originally written by singer-songwriter Dilana about how her live changed after she was the runner-up contestant on the CBS reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. She released it as a digital only single in 2007 and it also appears on her 2009 album, Inside Out.
  • Iraheta spoke to Yahoo! Music about covering the track: "I was a big fan of Dilana's... I never watched the show, but I checked it out online once and I was like 'Homegirl can sang!' Kinda crazy, I didn't know she was going to release that in her album. I mean, I would have never covered it if I knew she as going to release it cause it's all her, but I think it definitely has room for both of us because we each bring something different to the table. dear God, her voice is ridiculous; I love it... I wish I could talk to her and be like, 'Thanks for making such a dope-ass song! Wow. It's cool.'"


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