Album: This is Alphabeat (2008)
Charted: 15
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  • Frontman Anders SG told Digital Spy about this song: "There are not many people who understand the story, but I'm going to tell you anyway. It's actually inspired by a Swedish film about two lesbians. They're teenagers and it's a story about them discovering love and how they feel about other girls. In school they get teased by the other kids and then they decide, 'F--k everyone, we're going to do this. We don't care what you think'. That's what the song's about - not caring what other people think about your boyfriend or girlfriend."
  • This was originally recorded in 2007 for the Danish release of This is Alphabeat, but the band re-recorded it before they released it in the UK. Anders SG told Digital Spy that this was the one song they really wanted to alter, because they didn't like the original production. He added: "We worked on it and now it sounds a lot more how we imagined it. It's possibly our favorite track on the album now."
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