Hole In My Heart

Album: The Beat Is… (2010)
Charted: 29
  • This is the second single released from the Danish pop group Alphabeat's sophomore album, The Beat Is…. The LP was originally going to be titled The Spell.
  • Anders SG of Alphabeat told 69 Magazine about the song: "'Hole In My Heart' is actually one of the first songs that we finished, it's very influenced by the '90s dance music and the piano-driven dance music back then. And all that bit house-y, bit soul-y, pop music around that time in the '90s and it's just a basic love song like all of our other songs."
  • The French directing team Axel d'Harcourt and Corinne Bance shot the music video in Paris. Anders SG told 69 Magazine about the clip, which was partly inspired by the movie Inner Space. "We wanted to do something we've never done before coz we've done lots of videos now and you sort of have to keep it interesting, for your self as well because you have to get into it. We had two really nice guys from France To do it. When we were working they were just really creative guys and so we decided to just leave them to all the post-production and that and we're really happy with it, its really different to all the other stuff we've done."
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