Addicted To Pain

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  • The lead single from Alter Bridge's Fortress album was the first song the band wrote for the set. As evidenced in the title, the song deals with an abusive relationship, with the abused person continuing to go through it (the abuse can be either mental or physical).

    In our interview with lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, he said: "It's about a person who is in a toxic relationship that doesn't have the nerve to get out of it and change things. Sometimes you feel that people like that enjoy being in the situation that is constantly causing them grief."
  • Tremonti commented to regarding Kennedy's lyrical content: "It's tough to always use your own experiences when writing lyrics, and I think, in some cases, Myles looked to people around him for inspiration. Somebody close to him was venting about his problems, and Myles felt as though he could touch on certain issues."
  • Tremonti described his guitar solo to MusicRadar as "a funny one." He explained: "I had the idea of starting it out on a single bent note. I was improvising one night and kept playing around with this way of edging into it. It's one of my favorite solos on the album."
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