Album: American Authors (2013)
  • This is the debut single released by New York-based Indie Rock band American Authors. The song is an optimistic track about keeping your chin up. The band explained to Marley's Musicality how the tune came about. "2012 was a very intense year for everyone," they said. "It was a very violent year. Sandy struck us really hard in our home of New York City. There was a lot to devastating things that happened. We decided to be optimistic about the new year. For 'Believer' there was really no formula in mind. We were all in the room where we write and we were playing around on a guitar, and then someone started to play a really happy fun riff. We added some banjo and then someone chimed in with a melody. The rest came very organically."
  • Lead vocalist Zac Barnett recalled to American Songwriter magazine: "When we wrote that, we wanted to do something completely fun and upbeat. James (Shelley, guitar) had just found a banjo under his girlfriend's bed like two days before that, so he actually learned banjo for that song."
  • The song urges listeners to look optimistically towards the future. "In the verses it's talking about all these flaws and insecurities that we have as people," Zac Barnett explained to "It's saying, 'I'm sheltered, I'm scared, I'm nervous that I'm not getting anywhere. I'm jealous and I'm slow. But at the end of the day, these are the things that make me who I am.'"

    "When the chorus hits," Barnett added, "it's 'I'm a believer that things are going to get better.' You can be who you are and stay true to yourself, but in the end things are always going to get better in life."


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