What The Pillar of Salt Held Up

Album: Everclear (1991)


  • Frontman Mark Eitzel in Uncut magazine March 2008: "All the songs I like are about things that barely exist. My most important songs when I was a kid, were like Cat Stevens' 'Into White,' or 'So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright' by Simon & Garfunkel, or 'Which Will' by Nick Drake. All about catching the ineffable from the air, and that's what that song's about - where fate and will intersect."
  • American Music Club were formed in Sam Francisco in 1982 by Mark Eitzel (guitar/vocals), Danny Pearson (bass), Vudi (guitar), Brad Johnson (keyboards) and Matt Norelli (drums). Eitzel was soon the group's focal point and though the band went through many personnel changes, Vudi and Pearson were still there when they disbanded in 1995. Though the band achieved little commercial success they received much critical acclaim and Everclear is widely considered to be the alternative rock group's masterpiece. Among the bands who cite them as an inspiration are Radiohead, Coldplay and Snow Control. American Music Club reunited again in 2003.


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