Album: The Century of Self (2009)


  • Frontman Conrad Keely told The Skinny magazine that this instrumental was originally called "The Betrayal of Roger Casement & the Irish Brigade," which is the title of a book that his great grandfather wrote. He explained: "I decided to shorten the title of the song to Giants Causeway, so as not to inflame anyone politically. He was an Irish national who started the Irish Brigade and the book is an anecdote of his time spent as a POW in German prison camps. It's a fascinating story, but unfortunately there's a little bit of family drama preventing it from being published."
  • Keely told The Skinny: "Every record we've done has had some sort of instrumental introduction, it goes back to the overture of the orchestra or a symphony in the opera. We wanted something that opened it up to feel like a singular work and not just a collection of tracks."
  • A shorter version of this instrumental, under its original title of "The Betrayal of Roger Casement & the Irish Brigade" was included on the band's 2008 Festival Thyme EP.


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