Album: Break It Yourself (2012)


  • This dreamy reverie finds Bird dueting with New York singer-songwriter Annie Clark, who has recorded several albums under her performing name of St. Vincent. He explained to Paste Magazine that, "in the first verse things aren't going well. You're drawn into an international conflict. Mutually assured destruction. Then Annie comes in and gives a rosier view of codependence."
  • Lusitania was an ancient Roman province including approximately all of modern Portugal south of the Douro river and part of modern Spain. It was united in 298 AD, with the other Hispanic provinces to form the Diocesis Hispaniarum. The 16th century colony, which would develop into Brazil, was originally named 'Nova Lusitânia' and Lusitania can still used as an alternative name for Portugal, especially in formal and literary or poetic contexts.


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