Honey, I'm Good

Album: Magazines or Novels (2014)
Charted: 65 9
  • Andy Grammer worked his way up from a busker to a major-label recording artist, and by his second album, Magazines or Novels, he was starting to enjoy the fruits of that success, including more attention from the ladies.

    In an earlier track on the album, "Holding Out," we hear about how he is holding on to his virginity. On "Honey, I'm Good," he sings about what he has to do to keep it. "I've got somebody at home, and if I stay I might not leave alone. No, honey, I'm good," he sings.
  • Grammer wrote this song with Nolan Sipe, who produced the track with Brian West and Steve Greenberg. When we spoke with Grammer in 2014, he described the song as "a fun hoedown."
  • Asked by Billboard magazine if this song was inspired by a specific situation, Grammer replied: "I think it happens all the time where you're done with a show, you're signing autographs, you're meeting people, and you can feel like... you know, these situations come up."

    "There's not one person I'm thinking of when I write this song," he added. "I'm basically like, everybody has temptations, guys and girls, they all have temptations. If you're in a relationship, there's temptation outside of your relationship. There's a lot of people though that are still doing right by their guy or girl and holding strong and staying true. So I wanted to write one for people like me that are trying to do that, trying to do the right thing."

    "But that's a tough thing to write and have it feel cool," Grammer continued. "That is probably one of the hardest things, to get across the finish line and be like, yeah that song sounds good and it's cool. Nobody wants to sing that usually. It's so lucky that the biggest song that I've had so far is so in line, and I feel very blessed that I get to roll up to any interview or anything that I'm doing and be like, 'This is exactly who I am.' That kind of slightly dorky guy - that's me."
  • The song's music video features a montage of around one hundred real-life couples that have been together from several months to over 70 years. Grammer and his wife Aijia Lise Guttman can be seen at the 00:21 second mark. Several other familiar faces are included, such as pop duo Alex & Sierra and actor Colton Haynes.

    Grammer told Radio.com the story behind the clip. "My manager and I were on the phone talking about an idea for the video. We wanted to press home the concept that this isn't a song about a guy who's cheating. This is about a guy who is being true. So we started calling all of our friends and family that we knew had been married for a long time and asked them to lip sync the song."

    "They all started sending videos in and we started asking by word of mouth if people knew a couple who'd been married a long time. It was so fun getting all our friends and family involved that we decided to just put it up on social media and ask the fans to be part of the video too. We asked them to get their parents and grandparents to be in it also."
  • Andy Grammer teamed up with Nashville outfit Eli Young Band for an alternative version of this tune, in which the singer trades verses with EYB frontman Mike Eli. "I always felt this song was country at its core," Grammer said. "Being in the studio with the Eli Young Band, I finally got to hear it come home."
  • This song blasts right in with the chorus, which was a popular technique at the time: "Time Of Our Lives" by Pitbull and "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift also get right to the action.
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