• The opening track of My Woman, this atmospheric song is built around a quizzical synth line. The track was an anomaly in Angel Olsen's two-year-long recording process for the album, a onetime studio experiment that just ended up fitting. "[I thought], How funny would it be if it was so misleading?" she told MTV News. "But what I realized is if I used different instruments like synth and piano, and went away from my guitar for a minute, I could sing differently. It opened up all of these opportunities to use my voice more, to be less preoccupied with trying to be super clever with my lyrics."
  • My Woman has a loose story arc that follows the stages of a doomed relationship, all told from a woman's point of view. This song finds Olsen reluctantly deciding to have one last go at love.
  • Doesn't matter who you are or what you've done
    Still gotta wake up and be someone.

    "You're never finished until you're not here anymore," Olsen told American Songwriter of the above lyric. "Even after your death, people exploit you. There is something to be said about that line - we all have to wake up and do things, everybody has to keep going. And it's not easy sometimes."


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