The War

Album: We Don't Need To Whisper (2006)
  • In an interview with Kerrang! magazine, Tom DeLonge spoke of this song: "This one has to be played loud! It's an anthem. 'The bodies lay black and blue, a gift from me to you.' I'm not intelligent enough to sit here and be anti-war or pro-war but all I know is 100,000 people died in Iraq and that's a terrible situation." >>
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    Todd - Blackwood, NJ

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  • Robert from Ottawa, OnI too thought WWII. I appreciated the sense that Tom was not taking a stance for or against, just that war sucks.
  • Tyler from Bonney Lake, WaI thought it was talking about a Friday Night Football game. The ocean on fire being the lit up field, sky turned dark again because they're played at night, boats came in can be buses coming in, the beaches stretching out soldiers can be football players lining up on the side line, with there arms and guns or with their helmets and pads. I thought it's just a really metaphoric song
  • Caz from Minnesot Lake, Nmgreat song reminds me of my summer
  • J-dog from Madison, WiIts a louder song, it ok
  • Ben from Lexington , Kyyeah your right. most of the album is about WWII if im correct
  • Mollzy from Sturgeon Bay, Wii thought this song was about world war II..... like went it talks about the boats coming in w/ soldiers, i was talking about d-day. Also when it says "And the houses laid out like targets, With the deafening sound we watched them all go down." :: i thought it ment that is was the bomb at Hiroshima.
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