Never, Neverland

Album: Never, Neverland (1990)


  • Neverland is the magical place where you can find Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. This song is about a young girl who is confined to her room with just her doll (Clare) for company - a far cry from Neverland.

    Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters says the girl in the song is the same one from their 1989 song "Alison Hell," which tells the true story of a girl whose parents locked her in a room when she became frightened and delusional.

    In our interview with Waters, he explained: "I just went into this weird trip in my head about what the girl would be doing now and getting into her mind: What she's seeing and what's going on in her world in the institution. I would have been a psychologist, I think, if I hadn't gotten into music."
  • Jeff Waters wrote this song in 1989 when Annihilator was touring as the opening act for the British metal band Onslaught. He wrote the song on the tour bus.


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