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Album: Suck It And See (2011)


  • This track from Suck It And See contains some of Alex Turner's strangest lyrics. He told NME: "This is one where I definitely think the words are taking a backseat. It's just about chaos. Like, all the sound of it – all the music and guitars and drums – everything's just barmy and I'm trying to make the lyrics subscribe to that as well. Do I ever do that William Burroughs thing where you cut words up and arrange them randomly? No, I never actually do it physically but maybe in my head a little bit. We recorded it one day like really hungover and had a great day. It were a really good hangover, like a giddy one."
  • The band settled on Suck It And See as the album title after a lot of debating. One of the alternatives they came up with was 'The Thunder-Suckle Fuzz Canyon,' which found its way into this song. Turner explained to NME: "We were trying to think of album titles all the time when we were in LA/ As a sort of exercise to try and stumble across something we thought we'd try and name something else and then steal that as our album title. So you know fuzz pedals for guitars? They usually have quite colourful names. So we were trying to think of fuzz pedal names in the hope it would lead us to an album title. So we got a load of them like the 'The Thunder-Suckle Fuzz Canyon', which is a lyric that did finally get in there. It's right before I play a guitar solo. It goes, 'We're going riding through the Thunder-suckle Fuzz Canyon' and then does a countdown to lift-off."
  • The Monkeys opened the May 13, 2011 episode of Later With Jools Holland with a performance of this song.


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