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Album: Suck It And See (2011)
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  • Arctic Monkeys singer and principal songwriter Alex Turner spent much of the time during the writing and recording of Suck It and See in New York, so it is of little surprise he was inspired by some of the American music he'd previously not been so familiar with. He told NME how this reminiscence of an old relationship was influenced by the sounds of Nashville: "I've never listened to country music before, it was just something I totally didn't get until pretty recently. I've always been, 'Nah, not into that world', but I've started to get something out of that now. The sort of sounds of that music I'm still not crazy about but the words are really good. Like Hank Williams, George Jones and Roger Miller and even like Johnny Cash – they're just smart-arses, those guys, who write good country tunes, y'know. It's really funny or really sad. And they do that thing so well. This tune is the closest to that. Not like in the sound, but in the lyrics."
  • Q magazine asked Turner if the song is about his girlfriend TV presenter and model Alexa Chung? He replied: "I hope not, cos in the song it's over."

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  • Mackenna from ChicagoSinging dreadful songs about summer is the right line, not songs about something.
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