Car Underwater

Album: What To Do When You Are Dead (2005)
  • In the first verse, the singer has gotten his heart broken and is very depressed. Then the girl who dumped him wants him back and he tells her that its too late, he has lost her trust and can't go back and undo the pain she caused, so she should leave you alone.

    The chorus is about remembering the relationship and just wanting to let the person who dumped him know that he is getting over being dumped but not getting over her.

    In the second verse, he still wants to talk to her even though he knows that he can't let anyone see his emotional pain and has to hide it. He also wants her to realize that he is gone for good and it's all her fault.

    After that, he is slowly realizing that she is also in pain and that the whole break up really wasn't her fault, but he still can't trust her and fix the relationship so he is asking her to forget the relationship they had. He still cares about her, but knows it can't work. >>
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    Tiffany - Somerset, PA

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  • Matt from Goffstown, Nhno, the whole album is a story of death and the afterlife, although im not quite sure, but i think its all figurative. This song is exactly what it says. he gets dumped. he goes off a road into the water, drowns and dies, and hes just thinking about how he would still die for her even though she doesnt want him, and i think in the overall, figuratively, being left by someone you still love feels like drowning, you have all those thoughts of how you would still die for the person, but you're drowning in these thoughts and emotions. you know?
  • Alex from Rio Rancho, NmI thought it was about suicide.
    "I'm in a car underwater
    with time to KILL
    and thinking BACK
    I FORGOT to tell you this...
    What hurts more is that I would still DIE for you"

    It's about the irony that he still loves her although he went suicide and drove into water and drowned, but although he's dead, he'd still die for her.
  • Becca from Hell, Lai think its about loving this person that let you down and being mad but you have unconditional love for them so no matter what they do youll always be there
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