I'm an Albatraoz

Album: Single release only (2014)
Charted: 25
  • Swedish DJ AronChupa, born Aron Ekberg, scaled multiple charts with this quirky electro-swing track. He enlisted his younger sister, Nora Ekberg, for the song's uncredited lead vocal. "It's good working with your brother since we know each other very well and we can always be honest," Nora told Thump. "When Aron asks me something, he's like 'Nora, what do you think of this?' and I can honestly say if it sounds like s--t if I really think that."
  • The track mixes vaudevillian swing with a bouncy electro beat. "It's boring to say, but I really do listen to everything," said AronChupa. "A lot of classical music, 50s, 60s, 70s. I've always been into swing and jazz. And I felt like it'd be cool to do something that's jazz and mix that up with electronic or the popular EDM genre."
  • The song was an international hit, topping the charts of territories including Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and AronChupa's home country of Sweden. "It's just some stupid song, pretty much," he laughed. "The plan was just to show it to friends, really. Then it happened in Borås, right by Gothenburg in Sweden where we're from, and then to the whole country. I thought 'Man, that was easy.'"


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