The Sound of Truth

Album: An Ocean Between Us (2007)
  • We asked lead singer Tim Lambesis, who writes the lyrics for As I Lay Dying, if this was a political song. He replied: "'The Sound of Truth' is not political in the right wing vs left wing sense, but it is very political in other ways. Many 'spiritual' people embarrass me with their corrupt motivation in seeking God, but half of them don't even realize what they are doing because they are so brainwashed by cliché church phrases. Most churches see God as someone who can help them justify the way they have already chosen to live. That is why the concept of God changes so much even between churches who are part of the same general belief system. In 'The Sound of Truth' I ask the question, 'for what use is there in praying if you will only hear what you want to hear?' Additionally, 'what wisdom is there within us to live based on the feeling of our hearts.' I clearly believe that truth, wisdom and purpose is beyond what our human emotion leads us to discover." (learn more at
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  • James from Chicopee, MaGreat song, no clue on the lyrics though but the God part sounds right.
  • Luke from Oakdale, Caactually i was horribly wrong in my song-fact meaning, in fact, i dont even remenber posting this. it is really about contorting the truth (presumably about God) to fit our own personal agenda, and how that is wrong.
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