Kings & Queens

Album: Heaven & Hell (2020)
Charted: 19 13


  • This female empowerment anthem finds Ava Max calling on men to start championing the queens in their lives.

    If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
    We would pop champagne and raise a toast
    To all of the queens who are fighting alone
    Baby, you're not dancing on your own

    Speaking to MTV News about the song, Max said, "It's really just about, if queens ruled the world, the whole world would be a better place."
  • Ava Max penned "Kings and Queens" with songwriters Madison Love and Leland, while the driving production is courtesy of Cirkut and RedOne. The track was made in around ten different parts. It started off as a radically different song with dissimilar melodies and production, before the final version was completed.
  • As a liberated woman, Ava Max doesn't like it when men try to rescue her and ask her to move in. According to a Genius attribution, she tells them. "No, no, no. I didn't ask for your help. I got my own place. I can be independent. I am no damsel in distress."

    Oh, no damsel in distress, don't need to save me
    Once I start breathing fire, you can't tame me

    This lyric came when Ava Max was joking with people in the studio, yelling, "I am no damsel in distress. I wish I could just put that in the song." The other songwriters thought it was a great idea and incorporated the line into the tune.
  • Desmond Child receives a songwriting credit because "Kings and Queens" interpolates the melody of Bonnie Tyler's 1986 single "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)," which he wrote.
  • Ava Max explained in a Billboard Pop Shop podcast that "Kings & Queens" originated with a verse and pre-chorus penned by Ava Max and Madison Love. Then RedOne came up with the original chorus, which had different lyrics. Finally Leland, Madison Love, Ava Max and Cirkut made it into the song that it is now.
  • Isaac Rentz directed the video, which shows Max portraying an Amazonian queen in a throne room surrounded by dancers. The singer told Billboard that she penned the treatment. "I saw it as royal, but in a modern, futuristic kind of way," Max explained. "I wanted it to feel simple, but not too simple. It's one of my simpler videos."
  • Max released a different version of the song featuring Lauv and Saweetie titled "Kings & Queens, Pt. 2" on August 6, 2020. The collaboration was done by email during quarantine. "They're two very different artists, genre-wise," explained the Albanian-American singer, "and I thought it'd be really cool to mix genres."
  • The song topped the singles chart in several countries, including Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Poland. It also reached #1 on Adult Pop Songs in the US, earning Ava Max her first ever leader on a Billboard airplay tally.

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  • Lilygrace Krueger from PrivateI love the song because it makes me stronger and I can be who I am and own my own throne. I am a queen thanks to you. Thank you, Ava Max. And I love your music
  • Guyforfemdom from Springfield Moi'm a guy who says Right On to Ava's song. And to
    Feminist Lady Unknown_unknown: i too love it when You win against boys; serves them right.
  • Unknown_unknown from Australiathis is such a feminist song. i love it. this is for all the boys in my school. i hate it when a guy tries to 'lay down the law' abt girls and boys. and i love it when i win against boys.
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