Album: Tim (2019)
Charted: 20 83
  • Chris Martin shows up on this bright cut, which was recorded back in 2014. Tim "Avicii" Bergling had been invited by the Coldplay frontman to play the piano during the sessions for the band's Ghost Stories album, and this was one of the fruits from their collaborations.

    Over the next few years, different versions of the song circulated the web, including one with a revamped vocal from singer Simon Aldred. However, before his death, Avicii decided he wanted to release the version with Chris Martin on an EP. Sadly, he died before the record could be completed, so it was included on his posthumous album Tim.
  • Neil Jacobson, the President at Avicii's label Geffen Records, recalled in a video:

    "'Heaven' was a record that was made during the Avicii Coldplay sessions when Avicii was producing for Coldplay. It's another one of his records where we'd always been meaning to get to it and we kind of checked in with Chris Martin and the Coldplay camp. The timing never quite lined up and it didn't really bother us because we had other records we were putting out. It was a record that was around and we knew we wanted to finish, but it wasn't urgent.

    With Tim's passing it became urgent, sadly both to us and to Chris, and when it all happened they reached out to us and were unbelievable."
  • Per Sundin, President of Universal Music Nordic region, explained how the lyric was inspired by Dante Alighieri's 14th-century poem Inferno, which itself is the first part of his epic work The Divine Comedy.

    "I visited Tim in the summer 2016 when they rented a castle south of Siena in Italy. I was there to go through the six songs for the EP. We discussed what kind of album he was working on and he also had ideas about the artwork. Because of being close to Florence he was also into Dante's Inferno, which was quite cool. He was talking about that and he said that he'd been in an inferno: He had a break up with his manager and he wanted to take a new route.

    Then he played me a song called 'Heaven' with Chris Martin that they'd done together, and he said, 'I want to end the album with this song I want it to be the final song. It is gonna start at the bottom. You know, Avicii in Buddhism meaning being at the bottom of everything and then work ourselves up and the last song will be heaven.'"

    In Buddhism, the term "Avici" (Bergling added an extra "i") is the name for the lowest level of hell.
  • Previous collaborations between Avicii and Chris Martin that have seen the light of day include the 2014 Coldplay single "A Sky Full Of Stars" and the Swedish DJ's 2015 Stories track "True Believer."
  • Filmmaker Levan Tsikurishvili regularly collaborated with Avicii; between 2013 and the Swede's passing they made eight music videos, three concert movies and two documentaries together. This song's video, shot by Tsikurishvili, features images of Avicii from their 2016 vacation in Ile Sainte-Marie, Madagascar. Tsikurishvili also incorporates footage from a second trip he made to the island after Avicii's death in order to honor his legacy.
  • David Guetta paid tribute to his friend Avicii by creating a remix for this song. The edit was the first Avicii/Guetta collaboration since the duo's work on "Sunshine" from the French DJ's Nothing but the Beat album. That song won them a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2011.


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