Lonely Together
by Avicii (featuring Rita Ora)

Album: AVICI (01) (2017)
Charted: 4


  • Rita Ora is the guest vocalist on this melancholy floorfiller. The Kosovan-British singer croons about her desire for a one night stand as she struggles to get over a broken relationship.

    I might hate myself tomorrow
    But I'm on my way tonight
    At the bottom of a bottle
    You're the poison in the wine

    Ora's drunk mind has convinced her that spending the night with her ex is the only way to deal with her heartbreak. However, the singer admits she is likely to regret her actions the next day.
  • "Lonely Together" gained heat in the UK after Rita Ora performed the tune live on the first episode of the 2017 series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing on September 9, 2017.
  • The song's music video was directed by Levan Tsikurishvili who also shot Avicii's "Pure Grinding/For a Better Day" visual. The clip's storyline differs from the song as it depicts new love, showing how everything else in the world seems to be on pause while the loved-up couple enjoy being together. The visual also features steamy performance scenes from Ora. Tsikurishvili said:

    "It was such a big honour to create this beautiful piece for Avicii and Rita Ora. It has been an amazing fun process in many ways – I loved the idea of playing around with the 'frozen' world. What I would do if I could freeze the world – imagine one day if you really could do that, what would you do?"

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  • Monica from Norwayi think its about he is trying to tell people in the song, that he having enough and are addicted to alcohol to be able to furfill his fans will to keep turne's and make music, and that he is about to end it all with the alcohol (his only friend) by "pouring blood" out of him with a sharp edge of the broken empty bottle of wine and that the bottle of wine is his "poison in his wine" and he want to end his life bechause of he is tired of all the tourne'ing and is therefore depressed and feels that nobody listen that he is tired and he feel he is trapped with this and have no other choice than leave and let it go. its so sad.
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