Burnin' Sky

Album: Burnin' Sky (1977)
Charted: 78
  • Paul Rodgers (from Classic Rock Revisited January 12, 2001): "I had the chorus to that. It just popped into my head one day - The Sky Is Burning. I didn't know quite why the sky was burning and my soul was on fire. We needed material for the Burning Sky album. I was in a hotel in Paris the day before we were due to go into the sessions and I needed to write some songs. We had been on the road pretty heavily and we were pretty burned. I had the chorus and I worked the chords out for it. I worked out some verse chords. I went to the studio and I had them learn the chords but we had no lyrics at all. We counted it off and hit the button. We went into it, (singing) 'The sky is burning' and I wrote the lyrics on the spot. That was pretty amazing I thought. It was one take and I made the lyrics up as I went along." >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, WA
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  • Johnhardesty from Bardstown, KentuckyBad Company's songs: Morning Sun (An absolute gem-want to know more about this song); Early in the Morning (great tune); Silver, Blue and Gold (finest song ever written)! These are a few songs, I would love to know the band's insight of how they were made and why they were made! They don't make songs like these anymore- Bad Company is one of the greatest bands ever, thank God, they came to Louisville, Kentucky too, in their prime as well! God Bless Bad Company! Hey, Bad Company, Louisville has a new arena, best in the world too, come back!
  • Johnhardesty from Bardstown, KentuckyI enjoy this site, but they could easily go a little deeper with more songs from each band, delve a little harder and find the real songs that matter to people! Bad Company has many songs, that I would love to know the what/where/how they were made and why?
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlIt's burnin' baby..One of their best. I like the bass part, the guitar solo, everything. Paul Rodgers is the best white male singer ever,@ least in my humble opinion...
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, NvCan't Get Enough! Movin' On! My favorites! Fun to play bass on.
  • Jeff from Nashua, NhBad Company is one of the best bands of all time...this song is a top down,radio crankin', speedin' down the highway song...be careful the guitar solo will get you pulled over every time!
  • Mark from Schererville, InIt's good, but there are better songs on the album. I'm Leavin' You is one.
  • Zach from Syracuse, NyYou're definetely right Dan Bad Company doesn't get enough credit. They are awesome, definitely one of the top 5 classic rock bands in my opinion. Rock Steady also has a cool groove to it.
  • Dan from Kingston, CanadaBad Company was/is one of the most under rated bands of the '70's and what a voice Paul Rodgers has. Great ballsy, bluesy rock'n'roll. "Movin' On' from the first is a GREAT song that gets no recognition.
  • Kd from Mpls, MtHello ,
    I saw Bad Company in 1977 in St. Paul , Minnesota . What a time the 70's . Bad Co. has been in my top (5) favorite bands since 1976 . Burnin' Sky is my Bad Co. favorite Lp . Thank You . KD
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis song is great! It's not one you hear often though.
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