The Time of Times

Album: Born in the U.K. (2006)


  • Damon Gough commented on his website that he likes this song's simplicity and chord-wise, it revisits "The Shining," the first song on his debut album The Hour of Bewilderbeast. He added: "It's a 3-chord Blues song, in essence. It's about feeling that time's passing you by, maybe 'cause you're having too many nights out, waking up feeling like s--t, thinking, 'we're victims of our own success.' People are affluent and part of that spills into the fact that you're probably not making the best of the time you've got. You're just pissing it all up a wall and having a hangover after it."
  • A slightly revamped version was used in the 2008 film Definitely Maybe.


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