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  • Over a heavy synth-based melody, Banks details the draining and heartbreaking process of being in an unhealthy relationship. She is desperate for their romance to work out but is coming to the realization it's just too toxic. The more Banks gives, the less of herself she becomes.

    I wish I could change it
    And we're always gonna be contaminated
    And oh, I know what we need
    You start letting me go
    Our love is tainted

    Banks explained to Apple Music: "'Contaminated' was me realizing that no matter how much you want something, it's just negative, period. You want to find little pockets of belief and hope. And that song is kind of mid-realization that it just can't."

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  • Kalani Derrick Sebiswazzi from Uganda - EntebbeJust love the song ( Contaminated ) it quenches my soul.
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