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  • Tony Hatch may not be quite the most famous composer to come out of Pinner, but sandwiched between Charlie Dore and Elton John isn't a bad record, either for him or for a town which at the 2001 census had a population of less than twenty thousand. And although his name isn't quite as recognizable as Sir Elton's, the television theme song he composed with his then wife and lyricist Jackie Trent holds a record that Pinner's even more famous son has not managed to aspire to: In December 2009, "Neighbours" was voted the world's most recognized TV Theme Song, albeit by an Australian TV magazine.

    The song also found its way into Hansard. In June 1989, John Smith MP, then British Shadow Chancellor, saw fit to quote from its lyrics during a Parliamentary debate on the Political Honours (Amendment) bill, although he appears not to have actually sung it.

    Between the program's inception in 1985 and 2010, there were no less than six slightly different versions of the song recorded for the soap. >>
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