Of The Night

Album: All This Bad Blood (2013)
Charted: 2


  • This song is a mashup of Snap!'s 1992 transatlantic Top 5 hit "Rhythm Is A Dancer" and Corona's dance classic "The Rhythm Of The Night," which peaked at #2 in the UK the following year. It was originally featured on Bastille's 2012 mixtape Other People's Heartache, and after becoming a live favorite of the band's fans, the cut was released as the lead single from the re-release of their debut album, titled All This Bad Blood.
  • Bastille's lead singer Dan Smith told MTV News that the band enjoy taking pop songs and revealing their deeper meaning. He explained: "I think pop music is quite nice and malleable. It's nice to take quite frivolous songs and make them really serious."
  • Smith told The Daily Record why he decided to mash up these two tunes. He said: "They are songs I remember hearing on the radio when I was little and a lot of the music you hear as a kid gets burned in the back of your mind. I remember those songs really fondly but, for a while, I remembered them as being the same song. When I listened back to them, I thought it would be quite satisfying to put them together."

    "Songs like those by Snap! and Corona were so massive and got forgotten," Smith added. "We would play them live and part of the fun was seeing the crowd trying to place the songs and then realizing and singing along and going mad."
  • The song's music video stars James Russo as a detective visiting a series of crime scenes. The Hollywood actor is best known for his roles in such films as Django Unchained and Donnie Brasco. Smith told The Daily Record. "It is incredible having a proper actor involved. His face tells so much of the story in the first 30 seconds when he is driving. He is so wonderfully intense and we were so lucky to have him in the video. He had never done a music video before and he was keen to be involved. I met him during the making of the video and when we played in LA he came to our gig to hang out. It was really cool."


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