Two Planets

Album: Two Suns (2009)
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  • Two Suns tells the story of two lovers. In this cosmic call to arms, which according to promotional materials, "conveys the struggle to experience connectedness," we see how they come together and pull apart like two planets. The theme of duality, two planets, two lovers, two sides of a personality, is a recurring theme throughout the album.
  • Jazz musician Herbie Hancock's early work with synthesizers and Australian post punk band Dead Can Dance were inspirations for this experimental track.
  • Part of the inspiration for this song and the rest of Two Suns came from a relationship that ended as Khan finished writing the songs for the album. Most of them were penned in her room in Brighton, England, in her bed, but this and "Glass" were written in New York. Khan explained to The Sun April 10, 2009: "My boyfriend was in New York and this album reflects the whole cycle of that relationship as well as the traveling back and forth." She added: "The Two Suns are like me and him. You meet someone and you have this amazing exchange. It wasn't necessarily a quantity but a quality sort of experience with all sorts of highs and lows. It changed me for ever."

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  • Thomas from BrazilThis songs starts off with Natasha Khan reading a from an ancient Chinese divination text called I Ching, also known as Book of Changes.
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