Rock And Roll Love Letter

Album: Rock N' Roll Love Letter (1976)
Charted: 28
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  • This was written and originally released by the pop maestro Tim Moore, who put out five solo albums on Asylum Records. Clive Davis of Arista Records (The Rollers' label) had made a bid for Tim Moore as an artist and lost to David Geffen. Nevertheless, he tracked Tim's albums as soon as they were released for songs his artists could record. As soon as he heard "Rock And Roll Love Letter," he told The Rollers to record it. You can find Moore's version on his album Behind The Eyes. >>
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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn June 19th 1976, the Bay City Rollers appeared in concert at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it was the beginning of their first North American tour...
    At the time the Scottish quintet's "Rock 'n Roll Love Letter" was at #54 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; thirteen days earlier on June 6th it had peaked at #28 {for 1 week} and it stayed on the chart for 9 weeks...
    It reached #6 on the Canadian RPM 100 chart, but was not released as a single in the United Kingdom*...
    Between 1975 and 1977 the group had eight Top 100 records; three made the Top 10 with one reaching #1, "Saturday Night" for one week on December 28th, 1975...
    Their other two Top 10 records were "Money Money" at #9 for 1 week on March 26th, 1976 and "You Made Me Believe in Magic" at #10 for 2 weeks on August 7th, 1977...
    * "Saturday Night" was also not released as a single in the United Kingdom.
  • Randy from Fayettevile, ArThis is a fun song. I liked it way better than their other hit "Saturday Night." At first, I didn't care for the band, but liked them later on. One of my older brothers said he heard they were all gay. What ever became of the group anyway?
  • N from Staten Island, NyThe long forgotten original "Rock And Roll Love Letter" is on Tim Moore's 1975 album "Behind the Eyes" (Asylum 7E1042). The album was out of print only a few years after it's release and as far as I know was never released on CD.
  • Kerry G. from Detroit Rock City, Mi"Saturday Night" Most Definatly best Bay City Roller song.
  • Bobbie from Central, NmDon't click on song lyrics that person is lost!!! I do have to admitt that The Bay City Rollers were one of my favorite bubble gum bands, and I Hey sister poet yeah brother poet too.
    these here are the words I'm making "I wanna be with you"
    but I gotta spend my body I'm a music making man,
    and no page can release it like this amplifier can.

    This is my rock and roll love letter to you,
    This is my rock and roll love letter to you,
    i'm gonna sign it, gonna seal it, gonna mail it away
    gonna mail it today

    Hey momma pappa yeah your boys doing fine
    and the energy you gave me keeps on trying to unwind
    (I can't remember this line)
    i'll keep on rock and rolling untill genes explodehave blinked a few times since I heard this last but here are most of the lyrics

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