Bayside Artistfacts

  • 2000-
    Anthony RaneriVocals, rhythm guitar
    Jack O’SheaGuitar, backing vocals2003-
    Nick GhanbarianBass, backing vocals2004-
    Chris GuglielmoDrums2006-
  • When Bayside first formed, they didn't have a name. The members were all big fans of New Found Glory, so they brought a CD of their demos to a Long Island New Found Glory show with the intention of passing it on to the band. However, en route to the show they realized they didn't have a name to write on the CD. They happened to be passing Bayside Train Station, and decided on the spot to use that as the band's name.
  • Sometimes when a musician becomes famous, he forgets what it was like to be a star-struck fan who hoped for a few encouraging words from his idol. Not so for Jack O'Shea. The guitarist told Songfacts that he remembers what it was like to feel inspired when he was lucky enough to meet some of his personal heroes, and what it was like to be dismissed. "I feel like if I had met any of the people that I would consider my idols and they had really been... if they had really seemed to care and put a dedicated effort to talking to me and kind of being interested in my story, then that would be something I would never forget. So I'm trying to do that in as much as possible and encourage them if they're ever in that position to do the same," he said.
  • Bayside gets a lot of demos from other bands looking for their big break. Anthony makes a point to listen to all of them, and was so impressed by the band Status' work that he produced several of their songs, became their manager, and oversaw their signing to a major label. Status' debut album released a week after Bayside's 2008 album, Shudder.
  • In 2005, Bayside was involved in a severe traffic accident that resulted in the tragic death of drummer John "Beatz" Holohan. The band's tour van flipped after hitting a patch of black ice; bassist Nick Ghanbarian and drum tech Dan Marino both required surgery. The band's official statement described Holohan as a best friend, brother, and mentor. The band's 2005 album Acoustic shipped with a video montage of Holohan, and the lead track Winter was dedicated to his memory. He was replaced by Chris Guglielmo.
  • The band members are self-admitted foodies. Anthony Ranen explains that, when on tour, the band gauges their favorite cities by the food. It's gotten to the point where the band now refers to cities by the food they eat there. A favorite grilled-cheese restaurant in Cleveland, for example, has earned the city the moniker "Melt."
  • While on one of the band's first tours, Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri heard the Foo Fighters album The Colour and the Shape and resolved to one day work with its producer, Gil Norton. Ten years later, Norton produced the band's 2011 album, Killing Time.


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