Second Bite Of The Apple


  • This was the first proper single to be released from Beady Eye's second album, BE. The song has an off-kilter, psychedelic swagger that builds to a brass infused climax exemplifying the evolution in the band's sound, which the band attributed to the influence of producer Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). "Working with Sitek just opened something up in us," said vocalist Liam Gallagher. "He's without a doubt the best producer I've ever worked with, a real outlaw - he doesn't give a f--k, no rules. We had a new found focus when we were writing it - we really got our heads down and got our s--t together - clear heads, none of that crap from the '90s."
  • Scott Walker's "The Old Man's Back Again" from his 1969 album Scott 4, was an in-studio inspiration for this song.
  • BE's artwork was designed by Harry Peccinotti, a photographer noted for his erotic work and some risqué Pirelli calendars in the late 1960s. The semi-naked woman on the sleeve lying on her back is the photographer's wife.


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