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  • The closing track of Disease, Beartooth's Caleb Shomo penned this epic and almost uplifting tune.

    If I'm clever you might never understand
    I feel like death and me are walking hand in hand
    When my happiness is hanging by a thread I finally feel content
    I guess being clever's just my safety net

    Disease chronicles Caleb Shomo's battle with his own demons and this song made a fitting end to the record. He told Kerrang: "When I started writing the lyrics when it all kind of fell apart, and I was like holy f--k. But I think the lyrics made sense with that style of song. For me, I don't think it would have been right if the album ended on a hopeful note. It's kinda the whole point - if you really pay attention to the sequence and the lyrics in a song - the record is basically me almost mentally degrading over the course of an album. It's me recorded just deteriorating over the course of a year to make this thing."


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