Album: Aggressive (2016)


  • The third track from Beartooth's sophomore album Aggressive was inspired by frontman Caleb Shomo's fondness of rock music. Shomo talked about his keenness for the genre in his Songfacts interview. "I love that kind of straightforward rock and roll," he said. "It really speaks to me."
  • Shomo described the process of writing this tune in a 2016 interview with Loudwire. "That song kind of started with the music," he said. "It just started with that riff in the beginning and you know I didn't think it was gonna be as deep of a song. I thought it was gonna be a little more along the lines of 'Rock Is Dead' where it's just a more fun track. After the music got put together and I started putting lyrics together, I think I wrote the chorus first and then everything just spun out of control from there. I started diving into my childhood and a whole bunch of things and diving into my love for music and it all kind of stemmed from there."
  • Shomo delved deeper into the lyrical intention of this song during his album commentary for Spotify. "'Loser' is more about childhood and the things that got me into music," he said. "Well, the fact that music is kind of the only constant in my life that I've ever fully had, even when I was a kid. Trying to fit in when you're a kid is so important to everybody. You just always want to be cool. You want to have friends. You want to f--king be that dude. I don't know. That's just inevitable. It's part of being a kid, but the constant for me was always music, and I always had that to fall back on. It really doesn't matter what anyone else says at the end of the day as long as you're happy and you're doing what you love, that's what's important. So that's kind of the real meaning of that song."


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