Album: Naked Baby Photos (1998)
  • Ben Folds Five consists of Ben on piano, Darren Jessee on drums, and Robert Sledge on bass - they have always been without a guitarist. The band tried to have this song released on their first album, but the record company wouldn't let them because it didn't make sense to have guitar on just one song and not in the others. It was released on their compilation/outtake album Naked Baby Photos. >>
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    Meg - Virginia Beach, VA
  • This was originally a song by Majosha, a band Ben Folds performed with in the late '80s. It was written by Folds and former bandmate Evan Olson for the group's first and only album, Shut Up and Listen to Majosha. The original version featured an acoustic guitar instead of the piano used in the Ben Folds Five reboot. >>
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    Madizon - Columbia, MO

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  • Calios from Perth, Australiayeh, theres an acoustic guitar in there.. but a lot of people say its about a horse, and whys that? because he wants it be september, expensive, he doesnt understand her?? someone please tell me
  • Graham from Sorrento, Fl^jk
    It's about a horse
  • Graham from Sorrento, FlI'm confused... It says that their record company wouldn't let them put it on the album 'cause there's guitar in the song, but there isn't. The song has no guitar.
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