Album: Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm (2011)
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  • Benjamin wrote this song during a holiday in the French countryside the summer after he finished college. He told Spinner: "It's a song I'd been playing around with for a while but it all kind of happened and came together really naturally whilst I was there. The song touches on a lot of different themes including religion, loss and longing but for me it's about a spiritual journey which leads you back to yourself."
  • The female backing vocalist is a friend of Leftwich's from his home city of York called Hayley Hutchinson. She contributed to several other tracks on the album and Leftwich told "We'd played a lot of the same shows in York and knew a lot of the same people. One day we just got chatting and have been friends for a long time now. I am a huge fan of her voice, and of her own songs, so it was a real honour to have her come down and sing on a few songs on the record. Her voice works really well too."
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