Just Like Me

Album: Take Me When You Go (2014)


  • Betty Who penned this song after talking with her producer Peter Thomas about his ex-girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. She told Billboard magazine "When you're in a room with somebody that you've been with before, sexually, like been with before, you don't really know how to be around them and not do that. It's a very difficult thing to do and I haven't lost that for sure. I'm young, but most of the time if I'm around someone that I've slept with, I'm like, 'Get me out of here. I cannot stay here because I'm going to freak out.'"

    "And so that song is basically about that feeling of, 'I miss you every day and I wish I could tell you that.' But if I do, you'll be like, 'I miss you too' in this dark raspy tone of voice," she continued. "So I'll feel like, 'OK, this got very weird and I was just trying to catch up with you and tell you that I really miss you but I don't want to be with you.'"


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