King of the South

Album: Cadillactica (2014)


  • A boastful ode to Big K.R.I.T.'s progress from the "country side of town, to ballin' in the city lights," this finds Krizzle campaigning for the new crown MC of the south. "I embody the South—the swang, the bang, the soul and the paint and the blues," the Mississippi rapper asserts.

    "It's about being confident in my music and what I do," K.R.I.T. explained to Billboard magazine. "I've always wanted to prove myself. I don't think anybody should feel differently about themselves."
  • T.I has also prominently claimed to be 'King of the South' and his claim to the crown led to a bitter beef with Texan rapper Lil' Flip. Billboard asked K.R.I.T. whether he'd talked with T.I. about the song? "No, I didn't, because I'm gonna be honest with you —the creation of this song came three days before I had to turn this album in, and I just went with it," he replied. "It's really no disrespect. I'm sure there's going to come a time where we probably will [talk], but at the end of the day I hope there's no ill will because obviously hip hop is competitive. But I'll stand by what I say."


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