City Is Ours

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  • Big Time Rush is an American pop/rock quartet band created by the TV network Nickelodeon, and made known by the American television show of the same name. The band consists of four real-life best friends: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson. This Kevin Rudolf produced song was released as the group's fifth single.
  • James Maslow told Artist Direct about this song: "That was one of the tracks from earlier in the season last year. It's not brand new, but we still perform it all the time. We originally wrote the song for the show. We wanted to create this idea where we shoot a music video in the show, and all these directors have terrible ideas about how to make the city theirs. It was our way of saying, 'Hey, we just moved to Los Angeles. Let's show everybody we can have a good time, and this is what we love to do.' We relate the song to everywhere we go. When we tour around the country, it's going to mean, We're partying. This city is ours. Let's rock out and have a good time. Everybody believe you're meant to be here."
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  • Chelsea from Phoenix , AzThis song is sick, just love it!!
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