A Matter Of Trust

Album: The Bridge (1986)
Charted: 52 10
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  • In this song, Joel sings about what it takes to make a relationship last. Once the wave of passion subsides, it becomes a partnership where the couple has to trust each other and be there in times of need. Joel married model Christie Brinkley the year before this was released.
  • While Joel is known as "The Piano Man," this is the only song he regularly plays guitar on in concert, giving him a chance to step out from behind the piano. >>
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  • Joel said he wanted this to be a song that was empathetic towards women but also kind of rough. "Like, I know you had it rough," he told Sirius XM. "It's similar in the intention as 'An Innocent Man' where the lyrics say, I know you've been betrayed, I know you've had lovers who've let you down. I'm not that guy. It was the same thing with 'A Matter Of Trust' - I want you to trust me, I know you've had it rough. I'll do my best to prove it to you."
  • Christie Brinkley appears in the music video holding the couple's baby daughter, Alexa. In the clip, Joel and his band are performing in a stuffy basement studio in New York City's East Village. Joel opens the windows and draws an enthusiastic crowd - except for one angry woman who yells at him to shut up.
  • Joel sings of illusory forms of love that are lies of the heart, mind and soul. The sentiment was inspired by Sam Shepard's 1985 off-Broadway play A Lie Of The Mind, which follows the aftermath of an abusive relationship.
  • Joel told Sirius XM he was trying to sound like "Addicted To Love" singer Robert Palmer. "He hardly opens his lips when he sings," he said in the 2016 interview. "I like his singing style. He doesn't really pronounce his words, but he kinda grunts 'em."
  • This song plays at the end of the 2015 movie Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. Billy Joel is a plot point in the film, as Hader plays a surgeon who always listens to "Uptown Girl" when he operates.
  • By the time he made The Bridge, Joel was tired of the process of writing, recording, and touring, and wanted to settle into a life with his wife and baby. "I wanted to be home," he told Sirius XM in 2016, "and I hear in the writing on The Bridge a certain reluctance to continue... I was in a hurry to get it over with."
  • This was Joel's last album with his longtime producer Phil Ramone - the first was The Stranger, Joel's breakthrough 1977 album.

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  • AnonymousI love Billy Joel and his songs, every one of them. I loved the original band especially Richie Canata. I met him in person, he kissed my hand and said “ thank you for coming to hear us “ in Johnstown.
  • Jeffrey Nolan from VermontI felt bad for Billy, as there is no way that Christie Brinkley ever deserved him. Billy Joel is the best, most talented and humble singer / songwriter and he surrounds himself with top notch musicians!!!
  • Mollybrolly from AustraliaSo that's where the line ...some loves just a lie of the mind...comes from... It's true though. I'm in a wonderful relationship now,after an abusive one, and I still have my fears, all unfounded thank God.
  • James Russell from Apex, Nc@ Sergio From Brazil If you can trust the information from Wikipedia they list "Liberty DeVitto" as the drummer on the original recording. Liberty is also shown in the video as playing the drums. I am not 100% sure but as far as I can tell all the musicians playing and appearing on the video were members of his touring band during this time frame. One of my all-time favorite songs and the music and this video just makes the heart warm and fuzzy. Maybe the poor women screaming "shut up" needed her beauty rest. She failed on all accounts!
  • Sofie Sotillo from FloridaCNN uses an instrumental version of this song for their Importance of Trust ad campaign during the 2020 election.
  • Tommy from MassachusettsI wish there was a music video for "Matter of Trust" without the angry lady.
    A great video, but she totally ruined it!
  • Sergio from BrazilJeff Porcaro on drums?
  • Roberto from Jacksonville, FlOn his Sirius XM channel, Billy says he tried to sound like Robert Palmer on this song. While I’d listened to A Matter of Trust many times before that, can definitely now hear what he describes.
  • Timur from RussiaIn the video you can see Mark Rivera playing keyboards although he didn't take part in the recording.
  • George from Belleville, NjThis is a solid song lyrically and musically.It has drive,it has power,it has meaning.Another winner from Billy Joel's catalog.
  • Nancy from Merle168@insightbb.com, KyHi April I most certainly agreed with you Love the song and Billy Joel:)
  • Eric from Great Neck, NyActually he regularly plays the guitar on We Didn't Start The Fire.
  • April from Nashville, TnI've always loved this song, especially in the beginning when it sounds like he's saying "one two tree, four". Billy Joel is amazing and so is his whole body of work.
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