Smokestack Woman


  • Glenn Hughes (bass/vocals) told the story of this tongue-in-cheek raunch 'n' roll tune: "I was at the movies with a friend of mine, and during the previews I just started singing, 'Smokestack woman…' I knew it was silly, but I said to my friend, 'Hey, Mick and Keith and the Young brothers in AC/DC have been doing this s--t for years. You can't tell me it won't work.' The whole song has a swagger to it. I wanted to have a bit of a romp on this one, and there you go – we're havin' a romp. It's not this serious, we're-gonna-wake-the-dead kind of thing. It's a rockin' tune."
  • The song features guitarist Joe Bonamassa playing the theremin, a bizarre electronic instrument which was popular in the '60s to create space-like sounds - Brian Jones used one on some Rolling Stones songs.


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