After Forever

Album: Master Of Reality (1971)
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  • Many viewed Black Sabbath as devil-worshippers in the 1970s because of their dark sound, image and lyrical content. However, the words of this song are pro-Christianity, proclaiming a belief in the existence of God and the Christian faith.
  • Geezer Butler, who was raised a Catholic, penned the lyrics. Speaking to Bass Guitar Magazine, he explained his thinking behind them. "A lot of it was because of the situation in Northern Ireland at the time," he said. "There were a lot of religious troubles between the Protestants against the Catholics. I was brought up strictly Catholic and I guess I was naive in thinking that religion shouldn't be fought over."

    "I always felt that God and Jesus wanted us to love each other. It was just a bad time in Northern Ireland, setting bombs off in England and such. We all believed in Jesus - and yet people were killing each other over it. To me it was just ridiculous. I thought that if God could see us killing each other in his name, he'd be disgusted."
  • The Christian heavy metal band Stryper covered this for their 2015 Fallen album. "We grew up on Black Sabbath," frontman Michael Sweet said. "It says something. Stryper covering a Sabbath tune causes much controversy. The lyrics are very interesting because it questions if Sabbath was a Christian band or not. They could have been the first Christian group if you take a closer look at those lyrics."

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  • Mike from New York CityI also enjoy the musical stylings of Sabbath!
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaI've always loved original Sabbath (first 4 albumns, with Ozzy, mostly) & this song puts paid to all the Christian & church antis. . . Just like Jesus, Geezer is calling them out on their hypocrisies. With a hard demand to "put up or shut up."; He's npt judging anyone: he's forcing the listener to question where they are in life & belief. Very much a push towards Christianity, but this is explained above in the article. I'm not Christian, but I can understand this song as more generic as in asking yourself if you're on God's path for you, or on your own where you make up gods for yourself(like the sun); Geezer was raised Catholic, so that's ghis perspective & I coinsiderf ine or yours equally as valid. Does God? Ask Him yourself, but do enjoy the music & give thanks you were made with the ability to hear & appreciate well composed music, like classic Black Sabbath. I, a Pope, am a fool jkust like tyhe one in Rome, but I don't believe either of us should be hung at the end of a rope for it! Nor should you -- ask yourself these questoins, then take time to listen to the answers as you keep the music playing in the background. . . it's all good! YOU are good. Your LIFE is good! Your FUTURE is bright! This is the real Sabbath message. These guys loved their lives and they loved their fans & God for making their lifestyle of indulgence possible, but deep down they asked the hard questions of themselves then reflected their thoughts out to us in their lyrics. I love these guys! Nothing written or played today compares!
  • Jackball from DenverSabbath now and forever!
  • Cindy from Pure DeliriumSabbath freakin Rules!!! "Would you like to see the pope on the end of a rope do you think he's a fool"
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