I'm Ready To Move On/Wild Heart Reprise

Album: Strange Desire (2014)
  • Bleachers is a New York City act led by guitarist Jack Antonoff. The Fun. guitarist recruited Yoko Ono for a spoken-word segment on this track. Antonoff told Billboard magazine that after reaching out to the legendary artist. he didn't expect her to respond, but Yoko did in an overwhelmingly positive manner. "Sometimes the most far-out, bizarre things are the most simple," he said.
  • Antonoff told MTV UK about the recording of the track with Yoko. "We talked about the song a little but I but I didn't wanna talk about it too much," he said. "I wanted her to do Yoko and not my ideas. I gave her a broad overview, and then she went in and started screaming and talking and making animal noises. Then I grabbed that piece of 'I'm ready to move on' and I worked on the song in bed that night, and I kinda built the song out of the little pieces we found."
  • The day that Yoko came into the studio, everyone had the flu except for Antonoff. "I was the only person on the whole crew who worked on the album who didn't get sick because I'd gotten the flu shot," he told MTV. "I was really scared she'd come in and get sick and die and it was going to be our fault."


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