Fell In Love With the Game

Album: The Great Depression (2005)
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  • Lead singer Christian Lindskog: "Wrestling with God is an old theme in songs. The fight between man and his creator is an old one. There is a great release when you have given up caring what happens to you, you just need to experience the relationship in honesty. There is also a fight in this song between who we are and what we do. Making music for a profession is a challenge. It is easy to get caught up in the expectations of others and make it all about business and less about a passion for making music. You start a journey wanting to get somewhere and when you arrive you forget why you came. For us this record was pure passion and love for making music."
  • Drummer Marcus Dahlstrom: "The chorus is like a jigsaw puzzle of riffs. It wasn't very melodic. When we started it was too monotone and so we took a riff from a different part of the song to make it more complete. I love when we are able to piece music together to make one great thing from two good things."
  • Guitarist Simon Grenehed: "We worked on this for a long time - we always loved the verse but weren't happy with the chorus. Christian found a melody and we re-structured the guitar to make it more melodic. It was a real collaboration. I found some chord structures I don't really use very often and we pieced the chorus together. The bridge where Christian talks is very different for us. We tried to express ourselves in different ways on this album. The part describes a fight and it builds musically to the release back into the verse. The music breaks down as the song surrenders."
  • Tomas the bassist: "I heard a great explanation of the video to this one. We had a great time making the video and Shane Drake did a really great job creating a great piece of film. But there was another video director who had a different view of it when he saw it and while we didn't really mean it this way I thought this was a creative way to see it. In the video the main character is on the run and gets robbed by various different people that he meets. Our friend saw the fat man as the record label taking a piece of us. The kid as a fan who downloads our music, another kind of stealing. The waitress was the temptation of the road that can rob you of your family. While it wasn't what we intended and isn't really how we feel I thought it was a really interesting interpretation of the video." >>
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    Tim - PGH, PA, for all above
  • The line "We wrestled in the mud and the blood and the beer" is a reference to the song "A Boy Named Sue," written by Shel Silverstein and popularized by Johnny Cash. In that song, Cash sings about "Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer." >>
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    Beau - Phoenix, AZ
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